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If you want to promote your business online, Pay Per Click is one of the most important channels you should focus on. The PPC campaigns are the fastest way to get leads and conversions through Google Ads.

Don’t be left behind! Together we will choose the right Google Ads campaign for your business.

Results-oriented PPC management

Reach your right customers instantly

64% of entrepreneurs are trying to run their own ads and the majority of them fail. There can be hundreds of reasons why. You don’t want to lose money running the wrong PPC campaigns and having no strategy.

We can help you to understand your customers and to deliver the best PPC campaigns for them.

Together we will find the best type of campaign suited for your business.

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How we do it.

First of all, we will discuss your business and marketing goals that will help us to highlight your desired audience. We will work closely with you to define and analyse your targeted audience.


Based on your ideal customer profile, we will create one or multiple audiences to target with your PPC campaigns. Using the information gathered, we will choose the best targeting method that fits your company needs.


We’ll figure out where your customers are and what’s the best Pay Per Click advertising method to target them.

Together with you, our copywriters will find your product/service features and we’ll convert them into benefits suited for your customer’s needs.
A typical customer buying process involves emotions and logical arguments.


Our copywriting experts will intelligently combine all of a customer’s emotions with your sales logical arguments; offering you the best messages that will drive sales.


We will test multiple versions of texts and visuals. We only run campaigns which have a track record of outstanding performances.

Based on your marketing and business strategy and your customer’s behaviour, we will be able to set a channel importance score compared with other marketing channels. We will rank your marketing channels based on their performance so you know where to maximise on your budget.


Then, our PPC specialists will estimate the results based on your desired budget. By setting a maximum spend limit on your budget, you will be able to relax knowing that you are getting the desired results, on time and on budget.

Before setting up the campaign, we’ll make sure to explain concepts like: Conversion Rate, CPC, CPM, Bid, Quality Score. 


We will help you understand the basic concepts, so that you can check your campaign results at any time and whenever you need to, without feeling left in the dark. 


Using the texts and the visuals that were carefully written and designed by our copywriters and designers, we will set up tailored campaigns to target your ideal customers. 

We use various tools like Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Hotjar, Crazy Egg in order to analyse your campaign results and optimise them for the best results.


Our experts will always keep a close eye on your campaigns, will analyse and optimise them to achieve the best results while not exceeding your desired budget. 


We will send you a monthly report in which you will be able to see your PPC campaigns overall performance. 

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