Influencer Marketing

Find it hard to get
your client’s trust?


With 6 out of 10 people following their favorite influencer’s advice on what to buy, influencer marketing has become a key channel for all brands looking to grow. 

Are you ready to start using the power of influencers to grow your business? 

Great, let’s make a buzz around your brand.

How can Influencer Marketing help your business?

To get the attention of your ideal audience

It’s no secret, people are more willing to trust the opinion of those closest to them. More precisely, 81% of purchases are influenced by friends. With an increase of 40% in the usage of social apps, users nowadays trust influencers just as much as they trust their friends.

Wondering what this means for your business?

To put it simply, more awareness and more traffic equals more sales.

How? With a clear understanding of your business goals, we will find and match you with the best influencers in your niche. We’ll link your brand with key people in your industry.

You will have the front seat to watch how we turn your business into a thriving brand.

Marketer image: Influencer marketing services UK

How we do it.

We’ll start by creating a plan, taking the time to discuss your business goals, in order to have a full understanding of your desired achievements and KPIs. With those in mind, we’ll move on to analysing your ideal client.


What’s their age? What are their passions? Where do they spend time online? We look at where, what and how they watch content online before drafting the perfect message, call to action and content format.


We’ll hand-pick the influencers that resonate best with your target audience in order for you to get the highest Return on Investment.

Our goal is to find the perfect influencers to share your story: those who relate most with your brand. We’re not looking for meaningless shout-outs or fake views, but we focus on genuine reviews from people who love your brand.

We believe in the power of honesty. That’s why we research and handpick the perfect influencers from our own diverse database and by using some of the best tools on the market.


We do everything in-house: from research to creating unique long-lasting relationships with those who matter most to your audience.


Once we’ve found the perfect voices to tell your story, it’s time for the final details. We select the products that need to be promoted, the message that needs to be shared and the content format.


You don’t need to worry about a thing, our team will take care of the communication with the influencers, as well as ensuring that everything goes smoothly.

The long-awaited launch day is here! This is when we make sure that everything looks picture-perfect, double-checking the content and the message in order to have everything ready for the launch.


And it’s clear for takeoff! Sit back, relax and enjoy the show.

An influencer marketing campaign would not be complete without measuring the results. After all, it all comes down to the bottom line. That’s why we conduct an in-depth analysis of the results, in order to establish the true impact of the campaign.


We measure traffic, engagement and views, by tracking the customer’s journey from being a subscriber to becoming your client. This will give you a clear indicator on your return of investment.


Plus, you will have an overview on the impact of the sales campaign and it will help us maintain a long-term relationship with the best performing influencers.

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