Email Marketing

Do you make the most
out of your emails?


Turn your contacts into customers with a smart and affordable email marketing strategy. 

The fact that email marketing is the highest converting channel is not new. But do you take full advantage of its benefits? With the right strategy and a smart execution, we will help you make the most out of your contact list. You’ll receive maximum profits with minimal time spent.

How can email marketing help you?

It’s the cost-effective way to reach your customers

With 3.9 billion daily users, email is the most powerful online channel. Your clients are using email and you should too. When done correctly, email marketing has proven to be the best tool for generating leads and increasing sales. To put it into perspective, you can increase your return on investment by 230% if you add a welcome email to your clients. 

And the best thing? You don’t have to worry about anything. We automate everything from welcome emails to abandoned cart reminders and thank you emails. However, there’s one thing we don’t do. We don’t do spam emails. We believe in the power of real, authentic relationships. We don’t just grow your list of contacts. We nurture them. With targeted, personalised emails based on where your client is on its customer journey. 

When done correctly, email plays a key role in pushing your customers further down their client journey and towards your business goals. We’re here to make sure that happens.   

Photo Email Marketer talking with clients: UK Based Email Marketing Agency
Digital Marketer on laptop. - Email Marketing Agency UK

How we do it.

We take the time to fully understand your goals and determine your Key Performance Indicators to draft a personalised email marketing strategy. We look at your ideal client, understanding their needs and how we can satisfy them.


The last thing is choose the right email marketing software for your needs. With this knowledge in mind, we move on to creating a bespoke email marketing strategy that will turn newly subscribed contacts into loyal clients. 

This is where the magic happens. With your new email marketing strategy in mind, we move on to designing emails that are not only engaging but also high-converting. Our ultimate goal is to offer your clients a positive user experience, and that’s why we take time to design responsive, fully adaptive emails that are compatible with all devices. 


Once we have those, it’s time to play with the right words. We believe that you need to offer value in exchange for your client’s time, and that’s why we provide valuable content with every email.


Not only that, but we personalise your emails for the different audiences in your lists to grow engagement and increase brand loyalty.

Your emails will be delivered to the right contact, at the right time. Wondering how? We call it the power of automation. We build your email marketing map based on your client’s journey from prospect to recurring client, making sure that your emails are being sent at exactly the right time.


We use behavioural tracking to record your customer’s actions on your website and how they engage with your emails, to send targeted and personalised messages at every step of their journey. And the best part is that you can sit back and relax while the email marketing gods do their magic. 

The analysis phase is necessary for any successful email marketing strategy. This is when we’ll see what works and what doesn’t, we’ll check what your users interact with the most and what we can change to improve open and click-through rates.


Not only that, but we make sure to keep your contacts list clean by automatically removing any emails that are no longer valid or have no longer interacted with your emails.

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